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Julia Monet

Ayurvedic Consultant/Mentor






“I’m finding my words much faster and easier”

My thinking is definitely clearer & more organized along with a sense of well being”

- Lynn H., Asheville,. NC

“For the first time in 30 years my BP has dropped under 140 & has been consistently 120 over 85 since 2-3 weeks into the Prime Program”

Lynda F., Toronto, Canada

The one blessing I am absolutely grateful for re: the PRIME program is you. 

You are wise, and fun, kind and loving.

Barbara C., Asheville, NC

"After years of really harsh, punitive, deprivation-based cleanses, I found this cleanse to be supportive and nourishing--and thorough--in a way I had never experienced. 

My digestion issues were finally resolved & it's been simple to incorporate.

It's Amazing!" 

- E.Sterling, Boone NC

In only a couple of weeks I have less cravings and eating less. 

I am loosing weight, my clothes are fitting more comfortably, feels great!

Shannon T., Asheville, NC

"Since The Prime Program my body & mind have changed, all for the better.

I lost weight and am no longer addicted to sugar, alcohol & overeating.

My mind is clear, my digestion greatly improved. What a success!

You are the perfect teacher with your wisdom and loving guidance"

-Susan S., Asheville, NC

"I felt a truly supportive system for success. I have tried so many other ways to achieve these goals but you made it easy & to stick to the program even with work & travel.

I am deeply grateful, you have changed my life!"

-Susan V, Greenville, SC

"This Prime Works!

It is easy to only eat what I want and need, which is about ½ of what I was eating.

 I didn't try at all, it just happened within the first 2 weeks .

Ron M,Sedona 8.16

Our first call was GREAT – just what I was hoping for.

I had a feeling that it would be very helpful to have a Prime Guide.

I’m so glad you’re the one because I know and trust you as well.

The Prime addresses everything I’ve been looking for in an ideal lifestyle plan – more energy, more clarity, & learning how different foods impact my body.

-S.Greene, Hendersonville, NC

“Sleep is so much better, not waking up at 3 and 4 am anymore” 

-Joy M., San Diego

"I have more energy, started exercising which I have tried for years & could not, 

I'm listening to my body & liking what I am hearing. I have had a history of very bad Body odor, it's gone in only 2 wks of the Prime"

-Mike R., Marshall, NC


"Julia you showed up at such a crucial time when I needed someone like you, your face, your kindness, your encouragement, your mannerisms, your welcoming heart--it was everything about you that I needed.

- Nancy J., Asheville, NC

"I felt a special calm and peacefulness. 

I feel my consciousness being raised with every meditation."

-Kitty Asheville, NC

 My cholesterol is down 40 points, I've lost 23 lbs, since The Prime Program with you.

I've not had a food allergy reaction in 2 months & I feel great.

Even with the two jobs, I wake up with energy!

Meditation has been my saving grace through this all."

- Jane. W, Burnsville, NC

“I am much more relaxed especially when driving, more patient & non judgmental”

Cathy S., Greenville, SC

For the first time in my life I feel I have the breathing room

to NOT be so driven. This has been a main source of Stress my whole life.

Lily, NH

I am getting a daily ‘second shift’ of energy that is allowing me to exceed my expectations on a daily basis”

-Katie V, Marshall, NC

“I feel a new a new mental contentment”

Justin M, Asheville, NC

I always come away from your meetings with new pearls of enlightenment!!

-Lynn H Asheville, NC


Thank you for your magic hands and warm heart!”

L. Wilkies, Ashville NC

I literally look like I have had a facelift.

My spirit and soul feel so loved and cherished.

You have healing hands and an overall healing presence.

K Egan, Burnsville, NC

"I am definitely feeling smoother steady energy, not so many spikes and valley’s

Your kindness and how you show up in our world supporting women’s inner and outer beauty brings tears to my eyes for having such a dear, sincere person in my life. I AM grateful!!

- Kathy E., Durham, NC

I found your Safe Skin Care and Cosmetic presentation very informative,

plus I’ve been looking for a skin care line I can trust.

Thank you for the love and positive energy you can’t help but exude!

-Barbara G, Asheville, NC 



I just adore you, .... You are such a bright and beautiful light and so encouraging

-Jill K, Asheville, NC 

I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. I can't believe how much more in touch I have become with my body and mind since beginning this program with you.

“Everything is lining up, I feel this is as much as spiritual journey as a physical one.”

“This has been a great education of how to live in my body in a better way”

Tara S., Lexington KY

“I am handling very stressful times with a new smoothness without my irritability, anger and frustration. I am actually feeling more calm when under work pressure”

-Mike W, Asheville, NC

"I get so much from our conversations, they  always take me 

to a higher level of thinking and functioning."

- Alan, T. Washington ,DC,

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