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Julia Monet

Ayurvedic Consultant/Mentor



Private Classes For Women

Modern Women's Health

There Is An Epidemic Of Women Not Feeling Well Most Days

Ayurveda & Healing Poses Can Change This For You

Healing poses increase one's adaptability, blood flow & circulation while balancing hormone levels & improving coordination, memory and reaction time. Healing poses can increase neuroplasticity to maintain healthy brain function. Regular gentle healing poses can reduce depression, increase serotonin, reduce cortisol levels & improve moods. Discover poses and breath work beneficial to your personal needs that you can enjoy doing from home. 

Julia Is A Certified Yoga Teacher 

Specializing In Working With Women

Schedule Your Private Class Today

Call (828) 713-4443

"I have been doing Yoga for 20 years and have never felt such an energy shift 

as I did with your class...Very, very powerful. Thank you!"

- Carol D, Asheville, NC

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