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Julia Monet

Ayurvedic Consultant/Mentor

Beauty, Health & Skin Care

The Art of Ayurvedic Beauty

Genuine Beauty Radiates 

From Deep Within

Tap into the deepest part of your Being to bring forth a juicy, radiant energy called consciousness that works with & supports your surface skin.

At JMonet we go beyond the surface of your skin, to create a radiant, natural, youthful and bright skin,  working with both the inner and outer aspects of our body, mind and soul.




Uniquely Beautifying & Healing

Our unique Ayurvedic Facial Treatment helps provide every individual, an inner and outer healing that brings harmony to all aspects of who we are & how that expresses itself in our face.

Experience Abundant Health, 

Inner Peace & Natural Beauty 

Through The Wisdom Of Ayurveda

"My goal is to transform consciousness and create health, beauty and confidence that radiates from within, empowering you to project your authentic beauty into the world naturally." Julia Monet

JMonet  Signature Ayurvedic Treatment Special 

Includes Pulse Diagnosis & Treatment Recommendations

A Series Of  2 or 3 Treatments Allows 

Deeper Cleansing, Balancing, Rejuvenating & Hydrating. 

1 Facial $95 -allow 90 minutes per session

2 Session Series $170 (save $20)

3 Sessions Series $245 (save $40)

All In Person Treatments Are On Temporarily On Hold Due to Covid.



(828) 713-4443

"This Was A Deeply Restorative, Educational And Healing Experience...Much More Than I Could Ever Have Imagined"

- Maxine B., Asheville, NC

"I Don’t Know Anything That Makes Me Look Or Feel As Good As One Of Your

Ayurvedic Facial Treatments. The Word That Comes To Mind is....Sublime!”

- Sandra G, Hendersonville, NC

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