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Julia Monet

Ayurvedic Consultant/Mentor

The Art Of Ayurvedic

Health & Happiness​


Ayurvedic Cleanses​ 

And Digestive Balancing

Aging Gracefully & Spiritually

Health Consultations & Mentoring

Ayurvedic Facial Treatments & Healing Touch Therapy

Ayurvedic Vedic Meditation Courses and Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

The JMonet Wellness Program

Address A Multitude Of Ailments Stemming Directly From Chronic Digestive Problems And Inflammation


A Unique, Simple, Natural

And Effortless Practice That

Expands The Mind & Heart

To Its Full Potential

Health, Beauty
Skin Care

Tap Into The Deepest Part Of Yourself For A Deeper, Radiant Energy To Transform Your Skin From The Inside Out

Cooking Classes


In Ayurveda our Kitchen Is Our Pharmacy, With Food & SpicesAs Our Medicine

Healing Poses

 These Poses Relieve Stress,

Improve Mood, Balance 

and Heal Body & Soul



Work One-On-One In Person Or Phone Anywhere

In The US Or Canada

 Health With Julia Monet

According To Authentic Ayurveda 

In Ayurveda, health stretches beyond the bounds of the physical to the emotional & spiritual. Mind, body and spirit are deeply connected. True restoration of health happens only when we treat the person as a whole. Ayurveda is grounded in this principle of wholeness.

Whether your mind & body need rejuvenating, you need to peel away layers of sluggishness, shed a few extra pounds, eliminate brain fog, or begin a journey of healing from chronic pain, Ayurveda can support you in achieving your goals, holistically and naturally.

Contact Julia For A FREE 15-Minute Consultation

To Answer Your Questions And Find Out 
Which Programs Are Right For You

Rave Reviews

"Your Insights And Understanding Of

My Health Challenges
Are Always Timely And Spot On."

- Alex, K, Arlington, VA

"I Got My Brain Back!

You Are A Powerful Leader & Inspiration"

- Scott E., Lexington KY

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